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Marketing & Research · Part-Time / New York, NY / Remote

about us.

[cafeteria] is a mobile-first app for teens to connect with the brands they love, providing feedback in their own voice. A platform to be productive on the phone instead of constant consumption – to build their portfolio and earn for their time. And it’s a platform for brands to earn valuable insights about the teens who shape them and our culture. A direct relationship between brands and teens, driving a unique and authentic creative economy.

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Our 2024 Summer internship is a rare opportunity to make a significant impact on our growth journey while gaining invaluable experience in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Our 6-week program offers the opportunity to work closely with the entire [cafeteria] team and to meaningfully contribute across user research, growth marketing, sales and customer research.

summer intern projects.

Growth Marketing – Develop our launch program for selected high schools across the country. You will help us identify the best ways for signing up high school students to earn for their time on [cafeteria].

Teen Research – If Netflix is competing with sleep, what is [cafeteria] competing with for teens’ time spent earning money. Put simply, what opportunities are popular among teens for earning money online.

Brand Research – Build a method for identifying topics that would benefit from additional teen insights on [cafeteria]. Many brands get feedback on social platforms, let’s build a way to identify that feedback and ask teens their view.

core requirements.

  • Strong academic record
  • Studying in and/or demonstrated interest in startups, business, marketing or technology
  • Prior internship experience, particularly in a startup or tech company or previous participation in relevant clubs or organizations is highly valued
  • Strong analytical skills, with the ability to use data to drive decisions
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and drive projects forward
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to clearly and effectively communicate information to a variety of audiences
  • Academic requirements:
    • College Students: currently be enrolled in an collegiate undergraduate program
    • High School Students: currently enrolled or recently graduated from a high school program

our culture.

  1. Good People, Great Things. The quality of our team defines our ability to create the next business that matters. We bet on remarkable people. Talent and temperament look the same in the mirror.
  2. Be Insanely Authentic. Authenticity is the best competitive advantage. We will find the best teams, real users, and the right customers by uniquely expressing ourselves. Being yourself is a game changer.
  3. Grow Responsibly. We take the time to shape ourselves thoughtfully and carefully. Work ethic is just as important as working ethically.
  4. Consistency is Genius. To a great mind, nothing is too small. We want to learn and grow a little bit every single day. Big trees grow slowly.
  5. Dream in Years, Plan in Months, Ship Daily. With this mindset, our best work is always ahead of us.

how to apply.

Apply below by sending us:

  1. Your resume
  2. One writing sample, preferably using data to support an approach.
  3. One video answering the following questions:
    • What trends do you see among your friend group? How do you think they started and what made them become popular?
    • What is the biggest thing a brand can do to create a positive image with teens?
    • How would you approach one of the summer intern projects above?
    • What brand is your Roman Empire?
    • Please host your video as a private YouTube link, and send us the link.
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this is [cafeteria]. be brilliant.