this is [cafeteria]

for teens.

brands love you. and you shape brands.

at [cafeteria], you choose the brands you want to talk to, in your voice and how you want // in text, voice notes, and screenshots.

you earn for your time and build your portfolio.

you have a seat at the table.

our mission is to be insanely authentic. your voice, your tone. a safe space to be creative, and where no idea is too small. we’ll be direct, honest, and value your time.

for brands.

You love teens. They can and should shape what you do.

At [cafeteria], you invite teens to the table, learning what they like, love, or want to leave, all in their own voice.

Evolve your brand based on real, valuable insights from the teens driving our culture.

You have a seat at the table.

Our mission is to answer your questions, even some you didn’t know to ask. We’ll deliver real insights, from real teens, who are at the center of what you do. And we’ll do it at the speed of culture.

that's [cafeteria]. be brilliant.