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about us.

[cafeteria] is a mobile-first app for teens to connect with the brands they love, providing feedback in their own voice. A platform to be productive on the phone instead of constant consumption – to build their portfolio and earn for their time. And it’s a platform for brands to earn valuable insights about the teens who shape them and our culture. A direct relationship between brands and teens, driving a unique and authentic creative economy.

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open roles.

how we operate.

We are NYC-based, currently operating remote. We have a strong preference for candidates in or near NYC, with the ability to meet in person periodically. Remote candidates will be considered, but the ability to operate in ET and collaborate in real time is a must.

We hire talented, passionate people from all backgrounds and are committed to maintaining a diverse, thoughtful culture. We believe in compensating our people well, doing our best work, and prioritizing quality of life.

our culture.

  1. Good People, Great Things. The quality of our team defines our ability to create the next business that matters. We bet on remarkable people. Talent and temperament look the same in the mirror.
  2. Be Insanely Authentic. Authenticity is the best competitive advantage. We will find the best teams, real users, and the right customers by uniquely expressing ourselves. Being yourself is a game changer.
  3. Grow Responsibly. We take the time to shape ourselves thoughtfully and carefully. Work ethic is just as important as working ethically.
  4. Consistency is Genius. To a great mind, nothing is too small. We want to learn and grow a little bit every single day. Big trees grow slowly.
  5. Dream in Years, Plan in Months, Ship Daily. With this mindset, our best work is always ahead of us.

this is [cafeteria]. be brilliant.